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The New Yorker on Robin Williams

For all of the coverage of the sad, sad way this world lost the beautiful joy and laughter brought to life by Robin Williams, this article is the most impactful I have come across yet… and with one click, I remember why I love The New Yorker.

“The same qualities that drive a person to brilliance may drive that person to suicide. Highly successful people tend to be perfectionistic, constantly…

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50 Novels by Ladies Under 50 That We Should Read

50 Novels by Ladies Under 50 That We Should Read

Friends, I read a lot. A whole lot, actually. I was texting with my brother the other day and realized I read six books in the month of June… one of which was Bonfire of the Vanities, which is really long. Maybe it doesn’t seem like that many books – but it is a lot when you work full-time! And like TV! (Suits and Black Box for summer, anyone?)

However, I just stumbled across this list via Flavor…

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I Will What I Want

I Will What I Want

Friends, if you haven’t seen the new spot from Under Armour floating around the internet, then you must be on a social media detox. Or it’s because Facebook actually just went down.

For once, the voiceover actually adds to (rather than distracts from) the impact of the creative – told through the voice of a 13 year old Misty…

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School Supplies

It’s funny, how after a long summer, the one thing that could get me ready to to go back to school… was school supply shopping. There’s just something to be said for clean notebook, with fresh, crisp, white pages that inspiring you. Or it was inspiring to me.

To the same end, sometimes you need time away (read: time when you just don’t feel that inspired to blog) and you come back with fresh…

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Matilda… the most charming underdog storyView Post

Matilda… the most charming underdog story

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January so cold… the Hudson has frozen over.View Post

January so cold… the Hudson has frozen over.

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Reading YA Fiction

Reading YA Fiction… and why you should too

For all my love of classics and books I believe should be classics… a guilty pleasure is definitely young adult fiction. Although, a recent section in New York Magis affirming me that this pleasure isn’t quite so guilty, but rather a love for a burgeoning…

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A Non-Resolution / Lesson Learned

A Non-Resolution / Lesson Learned … in 2013

Yes, I just put a few New Year’s resolutions in writing… but I want to say a few things about non-resolutions, especially related to this blog. I learned something last year about blogging about books.

I’m not going to blog about every book I read this…

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New Year, new youView Post

New Year, new you

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Merry Christmas (& we’re back!)Greetings all,
Rather than the obligatory “I got burned out on my blog for a bit” in so many words…View Post

Merry Christmas (& we’re back!)

Greetings all,

Rather than the obligatory “I got burned out on my blog for a bit” in so many words…

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