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Titus's 12 NCAA Tournament Predictions ↘

I have reread the final paragraph of this post at least five times. Since yesterday. 

Final Four pick — North Carolina

I’m sure Duke fans will tell you it was completely worth it, but when Duke came back to beat North Carolina in Chapel Hill, they woke a sleeping giant. More specifically, they drew penises in permanent marker on the sleeping giant’s forehead and woke it up by hitting it in the crotch and pouring a bucket of cold water on its head. Ever since that loss, Carolina has looked like a completely different team — a team on a mission. Yes, I know that the Heels lost to Florida State in the ACC championship game and were lackluster against NC State in the conference semis, but it’s no secret that few elite teams actually care about winning their conference tournament, especially when they’ve got a no. 1 seed locked up. Plus, North Carolina was playing without John Henson, who is probably their most complete all-around player. Assuming he returns and they play as hard as they did when they exacted revenge on Duke last Saturday, I think the national title is North Carolina’s to lose. [grantland]


Lucas: Calling His Shot ↘

Oh, Kendall.

"But, hey, if you could pass like Kendall Marshall, would you shoot? Does Adele rap? Did Picasso dance? Does Roy Williams play zone defense? You find what you’re best at, and you do it."

Basketball's Alumni Loot Index ↘

Spoiler alert!

"It’s the Jordan factor, it’s the Nike factor, it’s the baby blue. It’s an aura around that school."

Face the Fire, HEELS ↘

"There’s a good chance [tonight’s] game will come down to the most basic of basketball plays: one player with the ball in his hands, the other trying to stop him."

Let’s Go Heels!! 
(Thanks @meremar for this gem.)

Let’s Go Heels!! 

(Thanks @meremar for this gem.)

Heels heels heels ↘

Not the shoes. Sorry bout it.