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Paris vs. New York: A Charming Tally of Two Cities’ Clichés

This video showcases a friendly visual match between the two cities as told by “a lover of Paris, wandering through New York.” Director and editor Tony Miotto adapted the concept from one man’s wildly popular online travel journal. That man, Vahram Muratyan, a graphic artist living between Paris and New York, is the author of the blog-then-book Paris versus New York. In the video, Miotto selects the best emblems from these works and pits them against each other for a delightful effect. 

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In order:

I think I’ll go for the Sour Cherry Flip (haven’t been to The Wayland before)-

Sour cherries have been chillin’ in a jar since July, and those preserves are combined with Old Overholt, an entire raw egg and a dash of walnut bitters (also made in-house). You get a drink that’s rich, tart and luscious in its simplicity.

And if it’s cooler out, definitely the Forty Four. These things say cold weather drink to me: 

Brandenburg creates a spiced simple syrup, cooked down with allspice, cinnamon sticks, and a helping of cloves.

Now if I can just convince my fiancé to come with.. 

[Thanks EaterNY.]